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GAR Know-How: Commercial Arbitration 2022

ZRVP with arbitration experts Alina Tugearu and Cosmin Vasile are exclusive contributors to the Romania chapter, available to view online here.

Arbitration procedures are different around the world. As a leading international resource on this highly complex field of dispute settlement, Global Arbitration Review (GAR) regularly shines a light on the practices in specific countries, and Romania continues to be a thriving jurisdiction for international commercial arbitration.

This country-specific Q&A provides an overview of international arbitration laws and regulations applicable in Romania and addresses topics such as infrastructure, agreement to arbitrate, commencing the arbitration, choice of law, appointing the tribunal, challenges to arbitrators, interim relief, procedure, awards, costs and interest, challenging awards, enforcement and further considerations.

GAR Know-How: Commercial Arbitration in Romania (PDF)

This is an extract from GAR’s Commercial Arbitration Know-how. The whole publication is available here.

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