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Partnership for Excellence in Criminal Law. Professor Valerian Cioclei Becomes Partner of Counsel of ZRP

Bucharest, May 09, 2017. -Zamfirescu Racoți & Partners announces the consolidation of its criminal law practice by deciding to establish a permanent professional collaboration with Valerian Cioclei, lawyer and professor at the Faculty of Law of the University of Bucharest, as Partner of counsel.

Starting from 2011, when it established its Criminal Law Department, Zamfirescu Racoți & Partners has bet on this area of practice that, through its accelerated growth, exceeded partners’ expectations, both in terms of clients and team, and has proven that the bet was a winning one.

The special importance of the protected values and the complexity of the cases of great economic criminality and high corruption require the highest standards of qualification in the exercise of defense. The professional results and the growth of the portfolio of cases have confirmed so far both the viability of the law firm's development in the field of criminal law and, more importantly, the admission of the criminal law team to the highest legal level of reasoning and argumentation. At the beginning of this month, ZRP team will also benefit from the experience of the professor Valerian Cioclei, a member of the Commission for Drafting of the New Criminal Code, a representative of the scientific research on legal institutions of criminal law that raises interest in the debates of the Romanian and international legal community.

Calin-Andrei Zamfirescu, founding partner of ZRP, is convinced that “the concrete resolution of the causes necessarily depends on the knowledge and turning to account of the scientific contributions. Only in this way can we offer our clients the newest and the most valuable approach in ensuring that their rights and legitimate interests are protected. The co-optation of Professor Valerian Cioclei honors us and marks a significant evolution in the quality of the criminal law practice of our law firm and in the immediate benefit of counseling, assistance or representation of clients.”

In his turn, Professor Valerian Cioclei says he is assuming the partnership “as a professional challenge", considering that “he deserves to be fully involved in counseling the ZRP team that manages multiple case files that deal with legal issues of maximum relevance."

At a time when legal issues reach high audience rates overnight, the real need of the person in relation to which there is an accusation is the rapid identification of specialists who, with dedication and promptness, can provide them with a full understanding of the situation and prompt decisions to organize an optimal defense.