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Zamfirescu Racoti Predoiu, on the side of Transport Trade Services in the transaction with IFC

Bucharest, July 11, 2012 - Zamfirescu Racoti Predoiu Attorneys at Law (ZRP) assisted Transport Trade Services (TTS) in the procedure of negotiation and signing of the private equity investment agreement with International Finance Corporation (IFC), member of the World Bank Group. IFC investment, made by the increase by 10% of the share capital of TTS, is for the improvement and expansion of the transportation and logistics services of the group in Romania, especially of the operations performed along the Danube basin.

The project was initiated in 2011, and the agreement was concluded following complex negotiations that had lasted several months. ZRP attorneys at law granted legal assistance and representation in the due diligence procedure, in the negotiation of the transaction documents and in the post-signing implementation of such documents.

“The mandate was a complex one from the point of view of the sophisticated contractual architecture and of the multidisciplinary teams involved. The main challenge of the project consisted in the harmonization of the parties’ interests with the contractual mechanisms specific to such a transaction”, Catalin Micu, Managing Associate ZRP, declared.

The team of attorneys at law of Zamfirescu Racoti Predoiu involved in this transaction was formed of Ioana Racoti – Senior Partner, Catalin Micu – Managing Associate, Iuliana Negoita – Senior Associate and Madalina Ivan, Associate.