Danut-Ioan Bugnariu

Dănuț - Ioan Bugnariu

E-mail: danut.bugnariu@zrp.ro

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Dănuț - Ioan Bugnariu, partner and coordinator of the Business Crime department of Zamfirescu Racoți&Partners, has over 17 years of professional experience in civil and business disputes, with focus on white collar crime. He is a certified specialist in business crime law by the Fitzwilliam College, University of Cambridge, being recognized as an expert in Romanian criminal law by the courts from England (Westminster Court of Magistrates).

In the business crime law area, he successfully represents both local and foreign top companies, companies activating in key economic areas, and public figures of the Romanian business environment and politics, at all levels of jurisdiction including the Supreme Court, the Romanian General Prosecution Office, the Anticorruption Direction (DNA), the Anti-Organized Crime and Counterterrorism Directorate (DIICOT) and the Parliamentary Investigation Committees.

Handling various white collar disputes throughout his career, Dănuț - Ioan Bugnariu has had great success in a wide variety of business lawsuits, included but not limited to crimes of corruption, money laundering, organized crime, frauds, including those falling within the competence of the specialized structures of the Prosecutor’s Office (DIICOT, DNA). He also focuses on matters concerning the support of internal investigations or fraud prevention. Dănuț-Ioan Bugnariu regularly conceives and holds training sessions on topics related to criminal law and fraud prevention for private entities, raising awareness of the extremely specialized existing legal framework.

Dănuț - Ioan Bugnariu joined the Bucharest Bar in 2001 and is a member of reputed international professional associations, such as Fair Trials International, London, or the European Criminal Bar Association.