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E-mail: valentin.moroeanu@ZRP.RO

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Valentin Moroeanu este specializat in litigii civile si arbitraj, oferind servicii de asistenta juridica unor importante societati nationale si internationale cu privire la numeroase aspecte juridice. Experienta vasta in acest domeniu include participarea la proceduri de negociere si conciliere. Avand o cunoastere complexa si solida a dreptului civil si dreptului comercial roman, Valentin ofera cu regularitate asistenta juridica unor societati europene in domeniul negocierii contractelor si transferurilor de afaceri importante. Valentin reprezinta un numar semnificativ de societati nationale si internationale, precum si persoane fizice in negocierile legate de prevenirea sau incetarea disputelor. In plus, Valentin a coordonat proiecte de litigii cu un numar mare de dosare legate de dreptul muncii, procedura executarii silite si aspecte ce tin de dreptul imobiliar.


E-mail: cosmin.cojocaru@ZRP.RO

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Cosmin Cojocaru has over ten-year experience in the legal field and is part of ZRP’s arbitration team, with outstanding expertise in the field of construction disputes, including disputes arising from failure to perform or improper performance of FIDIC contracts. Cosmin's work focuses also on civil and commercial disputes, including contract disputes, lawsuits related to the purchase and sale of companies, real estate disputes and incidents of foreclosure proceedings, administrative law, privatization of commercial companies and corporate law. Cosmin provides legal assistance and representation both at the stage prior to the initiation of the dispute, and in front of the ordinary courts or arbitration courts.


E-mail: ovidiu.serban@ZRP.RO

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For over 10 years a member of the Bucharest Bar and a member of the ZRP team for more than seven years, Ovidiu Serban specializes in tax law and civil law, including disputes between professionals. Ovidiu is part of the litigation team of the company and has acquired a wealth of practical experience over time as a result of active participation in some of the most important and diverse projects the company has provided legal assistance to its clients. Among these we mention tax disputes (VAT, excises, local taxes), civil disputes or arbitration ones deriving from the relations between professionals (construction contracts, electricity and natural gas contracts, commercial claims and debt recoveries) and also disputes derived from family relations and inheritance.



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Dr. Laura Retegan is part of ZRP’s team since 2007.

She has over 10 years of professional experience in litigation, focusing on civil litigation, commercial and banking disputes, reorganization and insolvency. Her area of expertise includes also a wide range of disputes with professionals, in the field of civil or corporate law, disputes arising from enforcement procedures, administrative contentious, as well as projects concerning the referral to the CJUE by the preliminary ruling procedure. She is a Bachelor of Law of "Babeş-Bolyai" University, Faculty of Law, Cluj-Napoca, and holds a master’s degree in Private Law Institutions within the same faculty. She is certificated in the Transnational Law courses of the Law Faculty, Geneva University, and is certified by Academia de l'OMPI – l’ Organisation Mondiale de la Propriete Intellectuelle, in the field of intellectual property. Laura has a PHD degree in law, Thesis ”Debt Assignment - A Legal Means for the Dynamics of Obligations", from "Babeș-Bolyai" University, Faculty of Law.



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Violeta Saranciuc joined ZRP’s team in 2009.

With more than seven-year expertise, Violeta specializes in international and domestic arbitration and litigation. She has gained extensive experience in complex international arbitration disputes under major arbitration rules across a wide range of industry sectors and variety of projects, such as construction and engineering of civil works and infrastructure, design-build and supply of industrial installations and turn-key plants, key components and materials, including FIDIC-based projects, large-scale privatization matters and other disputes in relation to share sales, real-estate sector. etc. As well, Violeta pleads regularly in arbitration-related court proceedings. In court, her expertise also covers commercial and administrative litigation, including competition contentious and matters concerning the integrity of the public office. Violeta holds a Master’s Degree in Business Law from the University of Bucharest. She has been awarded the Arbitration Practitioner (ArbP) diploma by the Swiss Arbitration Academy and is a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators (FCIArb), European Branch. Violeta is fluent in Romanian, English and Russian and has working knowledge of German.



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Alexandru Iorgulescu is part of ZRP’s team since 2009.

Both a Bachelor of Law and a Bachelor of Administration and Business of the Bucharest University, Alexandru Iorgulescu specializes in financial and banking law, bills of exchange law, insolvency and enforcement, granting legal assistance to leading companies on the Romanian market. Alexandru joined ZRP’s litigation team in 2011, having an essential role in projects that involved representation of the leading players on the banking market in recovery of bad loans, as well as in various cases related to banking. In the last years Alexandru has gained vast experience in financial payment instruments, assisting clients in disputes generated by cross-border transactions. Alexandru is also involved in the development of the practice of insurance law, representing the leading companies on the Romanian market in many disputes whose object has been high-value damages, completed by total or partial exoneration from the payment of indemnities.


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