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Facing the challenges of an accelerating world requires strong skills in strategy and tactics. It is our goal here at Zamfirescu Racoți Vasile & Partners to be always ONE MOVE AHEAD.

Foresight, intuition, spotting opportunities and balancing risks are the first marks of a winning game. Daring ideas move us forward in the rigorous world of law, which nevertheless allows a considerable degree of imagination, innovation and creativity.

Our lawyers seek the best moves, create workable solutions and draw up feasible plans to complex challenges, providing for all that our clients require:

  • understanding of the marketplace and excellent business acumen
  • expertise across the full range of industries
  • ethics and integrity
  • trust and loyalty
  • responsiveness and discipline
  • initiative, creativity and flexibility
  • pragmatism 

As a law firm, we want to meet and exceed client expectation in every way possible. As a team, we share, believe in and practice the same values which guide us in the way we work, in the decisions we make and in the way we interact with our stakeholders.

Our founders set the standards of professionalism, quality and achievement, which helped to create our team of today. The set of values we strive towards underpin our work and our firm: outstanding teamwork, talent, innovation and imagination, ambition, commitment and dedication.


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