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Romania Has Entered the State of Alert

Publication: ZRVP

As of May 15, 2020, Decision no. 24/2020 of the National Committee for Emergency Situations approving the instituting of the state of alert at a national level has become effective. A series of measures have been adopted for the prevention and control of infections, in the context of the epidemiological situation generated by the SARS-CoV-2 virus.

Which measures will be applied during the state of alert?

  • wearing masks is mandatory, so that the nose and mouth are covered in commercial spaces, means of public transport, at work and in other enclosed areas;
  • the public authorities and institutions, as well as the public and private economic operators must organize their activity so that work is performed by employees from home;

If employees cannot work from home, measures shall be taken:

  • to ensure the conducting of epidemiological screening, at the points of control-access to the premises;
  • for mandatory disinfection of hands before entering the work areas;
  • to comply with the rules regarding the conducting of activity in the offices with common spaces;
  • for changing the working hours for entities with more than 50 employees, so that the working hours start and end at intervals of minimum 1 hour, during minimum 3 hours, in shifts of minimum 20% of the personnel;
  • no rallies, demonstrations, concerts or any other meetings in open spaces, and no cultural, scientific, artistic, sports, entertainment, gambling, fitness, pool swimming and balneotherapy activities may be organized and held in enclosed spaces;

In observance of the legal provisions and of the prevention and protection measures, the following may be organized:

  • activities of religious cults, with public participation;
  • personal care activities performed in specifically designated places;
  • activities of training of professional athletes in training camps;
  • cultural activities performed at the level of museums, libraries and exhibition halls;
  • recreational and sports activities;
  • retail sales of products and services in commercial centers with a built area over 15,000 sq. m¸ where many economic operators conduct business shall be temporarily suspended;
  • foreign citizens and stateless persons are forbidden to enter the territory of Romania by the border crossing points;
  • the measure of suspension of flights carried out by aviation economic operators to Austria, Belgium, The Swiss Confederation, France, Germany, Iran, Italy, The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, The Kingdom of The Netherlands, Spain, The United States of America, Turkey and from these countries to Romania shall be prolonged for all the airports from Romania, for a period of 14 days, starting from May 15, 2020;
  • international road passenger transport by regular services, special regular services and occasional services in international traffic for all the trips made by the transport operators to Italy, France, Germany, Austria, Belgium, The Swiss Confederation, The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, The Kingdom of The Netherlands and Turkey and from these countries to Romania shall be suspended until June 1, 2020;
  • the activity of dental surgeries shall be resumed for cases that are not emergencies;
  • ambulatory medical assistance shall be resumed for cases that are not emergencies and that are not subject to any potential risks of aggravation, in observance of the following conditions:
    • medical examinations are carried out only provided that they have been previously appointed;
    • patients are forbidden to stand in the waiting areas;
  • admission to hospitals of patients who are not medical emergencies shall be resumed at the level of the non-COVID medical units, by maintaining the access interdictions for their family members;
  • the measure of quarantining/isolation at home of all the persons coming to Romania from abroad together with the family/family members with whom these live shall be instituted from May 15, 2020. If these persons cannot be quarantined/isolated at home or request so to avoid exposing their families, they may opt for institutionalized quarantine, in spaces provided by the authorities;
  • as of May 15, 2020, persons are allowed to travel outside their houses/households, in localities, provided that they comply with the measures for the prevention of spread of the infection and provided that they avoid forming pedestrian groups of more than 3 persons who do not belong to the same family.
  • the measure of suspension of the courses in all education units and institutions shall be maintained until the end of the school/university year.


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