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Dispute Resolution Center, Powered By ZRVP

Publication: Bizlawyer

Dispute Resolution Center, powered by ZRVP, is the new go-to resource in dispute resolution in Romania, a project launched with the legal publication Bizlawyer.

ZRVP’s seasoned litigators and arbitrators provide leading commentary and perspectives on conflict resolution and keep interested professionals and law students up to date with the latest developments, trends and issues affecting litigation and arbitration in Romania.

The episodes in the Arbitration Step-By-Step video series, part of the Dispute Resolution Center project, analyze the DNA of arbitration teams, explain what it takes to pursue a career in international arbitration and address topics such as:

  • How is a team of attorneys that handles international arbitration cases set up?
  • How does the attorney-client relationship work?
  • How are arbitrators selected?
  • What is the general approach to the collection and submission of evidence?
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