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The Family Law practice offers legal services in all areas of family law. We have years of experience providing first class advice in matters concerning international child abduction, divorce and separation, children issues (exercise of parental responsibility, custody and visiting rights or payment of child maintenance), property and money matters, property settlements, and offences against the family and children (especially child abandonment).
We believe that court should always be considered the last resort. That is why we explore whether counselling or mediation may be a better way forward for our client. Sometimes however, court cannot be avoided and may prove to be the only real option. When that is so, we guide and support our client through the whole process.

Our lawyers understand that issues surrounding a family breakdown can be emotionally complex. This is why we add empathy and balance to the litigation expertise of more than one decade of our lawyers. When there are children to consider the hardship can be compounded as we seek to look to the needs of our clients and resolve the children’s living arrangements. We help make sense of how a settlement can be reached by offering compassionate support as well as being legal advisors, but always having the children’s best interest in mind.

  • Child custody and visitation
    Cross-border mandates, such as international child abduction, divorce between a Romanian and a foreign citizen, and division of international marital assets
  • Divorce and separation
  • Exercise of parental responsibility
  • Parentage
  • Property and asset division / matrimonial assets

Examples of our recent work include:

  • Assistance to individuals in their disputes for the dissolution of marriage. In numerous cases the parties had children and we had to set the strategy in a matter that observed not only a winning purpose for our client but also the children’s best interest;
  • Adoption related cases, domestic and international;
  • Citizenship related cases;
  • Assistance to clients in their disputes involving separation of patrimony or goods as a consequence of inheritance or divorce;

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