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24 February 2020

Artificial Intelligence: Benefits and Challenges for the European Society

The European Parliament has recently approved a resolution addressing several challenges arising from the rapid development of artificial intelligence (AI) and automated decision-making (ADM) technologies. The resolution references several major pieces of work carried out by the European Commission on AI and provides a list of existing EU instruments that are relevant to AI and ADM — which together present a potential roadmap of areas of reform.

02 February 2020

Romania’s Stock Exchange Upgraded to the Emerging Market Status

Romania has been reclassified from frontier to secondary emerging market effective from September 2020, FTSE Russell announced following its annual review of the country’s capital market. This means that large funds which were restricted to act in frontier markets could invest here, improving the development of the capital market. The problematic criteria which have put Romania on stand-by for three years since it was included on the FTSE Russell watch list was that of liquidity, namely the volume of transactions.

22 January 2020

EU Launches Minimum Wage Initiative

The EU Commission has started talks with businesses and trade unions to ensure a fair minimum wage for all EU workers, in a larger context set by the European Pillar of Social Rights. Among the proposed advantages of the initiative: avoiding poverty and preventing wage dumping.