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Publication: ZRVP

What Does the New Government Emergency Ordinance no. 114/2020 Bring About?

Government Emergency Ordinance no. 114/2020 is the latest change out of a series of amendments made to public procurement legislation.

Thus, the Government Emergency Ordinance no. 114/2020 operates a series of amendments of primary legislative acts in the public procurement area, such as (i) Law no. 98/2016 on Public Procurement; (ii) Law no. 99/2016 on Sectoral Procurement; and (iii) Law no. 101/2016 on Remedies and Means of Appeal in Public Procurement Contract, Sectoral Contract and Works and Services Concession Contract Awarding, and for the Organizing and Functioning of The National Council for Solving Complaints (Consiliul Naţional de Soluţionare a Contestaţiilor).

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