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Romanian Draft Law on Workers’ Involvement in Decision-making Processes

Publication: ZRVP

Within the overall legislative process, the Romanian Chamber of Deputies is, at present, further analysing the draft law which focuses on empowering workers when taking specific decisions within a corporation.

While there is an obvious need for Romania to align to other European countries, which already engage “high-involvement organisations”, a trend especially noticed in the Nordic European countries, Romanian authorities now intend to fill some legislative gaps by improving the main legislative pieces concerning employers.

The engagement of employees in decision-making processes brings many advantages for both parties, as it enhances satisfaction and self-development, strengthens overall wellbeing at work and increases productivity for employees, at the same time determining companies to become more sustainable, ultimately allowing for a smooth function of the employer.

Legislative changes target an effective employee-employer dialogue, especially by setting the general principle according to which the right to information and consultation belongs to each employee and by also mentioning the formal possibility according to which workers could express this right.

The applicability of Law no. 467/2006 on establishing the general framework for informing and consulting employees is also enlarged by allowing its enforcement upon all companies that have set their headquarters in Romania and not only for some large companies that have reached specific features.

Moreover, proposals on adjusting the current Law no. 467/2006 imply setting a larger area of information which should be brought to employees’ attention and discussed by the parties. Not only that employees could be able to identify factors and might even predict possible issues, but a more dedicated workers’ involvement usually imposes a higher degree of transparency within the company.

The draft proposal also contains a detailed procedure which imposes the obligation on employers to invite employees’ representatives to the meetings of the management bodies.

Further minor amendments to the Romanian Labour Code and to the Law on social dialogue are envisaged by the draft law aiming at emphasising main principles of workers’ involvement in the decision-making process.

Overall, Romanian authorities clearly advocate for improving the actual national state by allowing new policies and setting new practices which would foster collaboration and help break down organizational silos.

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