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Telework in the Post COVID-Vaccine Era. How Will the Labor Market Look After the Pandemic?

Publication: ABSL Business Mixer

Partner Catalin Micu discusses the challenges faced by employers in the post-vaccine era during a webinar for the ABSL business services community.

When COVID-19 restrictions are eventually lifted, employers and workers must decide how much to continue telework. Many will fear going to work, and the share of people working primarily from home will remain elevated. Even after full vaccination, with the economy at full capacity, teleworking rates are likely to remain well above pre-pandemic rates, with major economic and real estate implications. Post-pandemic, the labor market may look very different.

Key topics addressed by Catalin Micu during his presentation at the ABSL Business Mixer:

  • Can, and should employers, require employee vaccination?
  • Back to office or teleworking on the long haul? For many people, telework is the new normal and the choice is clear. According to research, more than half said that, given the option, they would want to keep working from home even after the pandemic.
  • How does the legal framework support teleworking or a hybrid work model?
  • What fiscal facilities are granted to employers?
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